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Water is the very essence of life and if you’re ever in a situation where water is scarce and extremely limited, you will know firsthand just how true that statement is. The human body can last up to three weeks without food but without water, death from dehydration can occur in as little as three days. If put into a situation where you are unfamiliar with the surroundings or environment, one of the first things to do is locate a viable source of water. Be careful, because not all water is safe. Some of it can actually do more harm than good. A puddle of crystal clear water may sound safe enough for consumption, but quite often the reason why it is clear is because it may contain something that makes it unsuitable to sustain life. It is most likely poisoned or contaminated in some kind of toxic material. That is why it is advised to find constant moving sources of water, such as a stream or waterfall; preferably with lots of granite rocks. Flowing water through rocks is safe to drink as the rocks act as a natural water filter, preventing an over accumulation of dangerous microbes and parasites from spawning. That said, all natural water has the potential to carry unwanted biological hazards. Hundreds of generations ago, our internal organs had the proper amount of natural fauna to combat infection through consumption. But as modern advancements in food preparation and storage came about, we’ve lost our natural immunization against parasitic poisonings. Now, we must rely on filters and purification systems in order to shield ourselves from microbial invasion. stocks a full series of water purification kits, personal water filters, canteens, hydration kits, and water storage kits to employ when sources of fresh water are either unavailable, scarce, or highly-rationed. We sell hand pumps, handheld personal water filters, hand pump purifiers, collapsable water bottles, 70 ounce hydration packs and water storage backpacks, carbon filters, and the popular LifeStraw personal water filter that turns any water into clean, drinkable water.

At ESL Supply, we specialize in outdoor equipment and survival gear for the most avid of nature enthusiasts as well as the casual hobbyist. Our dedicated survival gear collection includes basic outdoor essentials all the way to advanced supplies. In the face of nature’s wrath, stay safe and stay prepared with’s assortment of survival supplies.