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Tool Bags

“Use the right tool for the job”; basic common sense advice that applies in all different aspects of life, but especially more poignant for carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, and general handymen (or women). No matter the task, it’s just not practical or efficient to carry around an entire workbench or tool chest on every job site. That’s why tool bags and tool belts were invented; so that your most regularly-used tools and accessories can be within a simple reach. ESL Supply carries a broad range of tool bags, tool belts, shoulder straps, carrying bags, tool cases, backpacks, tote bags, tool carriers, and tool pouches for any and every type of project. This way, you can assess what tools will be needed, what won’t be used, and you can pack away and take with you exactly what you’ll be needing to work. Choose from simple around-the-waist tool belts, duffel bags, shoulder pouches, supply aprons, hip bags, pocket carriers, and more from such names as Boulder Bag, Greenlee, Irwin Tools, Klein Tools, and Rack-A-Tier. Bags can be crafted from high-strength nylon, durable canvas, or heavy-duty leather in a variety of sizes, compartment types, and colors which can be useful for high-visibility situations. Never be without your tools in close reach. Shop ESL Supply and buy tool bags and tool belts online.

We’ve tested many products and have sorted through the best of the best in order to serve our customers. We offer tool belts, canvas tool bags, tool bag backpacks, leather tool pouches, and more. Browse our immense selection at