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T5 Preheat Start

Fluorescent lights are already long-lasting and energy efficient compared to their incandescent counterparts, but it is the T5 fluorescent that is the most efficient of all fluorescents. T5 lamps were introduced to the American market in 1995 and have experienced widespread use in high-end construction and luxury projects. Because of their smaller size, about 5/8 inches, they’re the ideal solution for such accent or ambient lighting and under cabinet lighting. Plus, T5 preheat start fluorescent lights are perfect for decluttering and opening up ceiling space. They’re also more likely to be compatible with older fixtures, potentially eliminating the need to replace older fluorescent lighting fixtures to accommodate the new tubes. T5 fluorescent lights work by preheating the mercury gas inside the tube when the power switch is flicked, the tube light turning on a few seconds without flickering. It’s a short delay, much shorter than other fluorescents and xenon HID lights, and the benefit to this is longer life and better reliability in a wider range of temperatures--they can even be used in freezing temperatures without fault or failure. Also, the preheat feature also increases the lifespan of the T5 as opposed to instant-start fluorescent tubes. T5 bulbs are also very popular in aquariums and fish tanks, terrariums, and as indoor planting lights for indoor gardens.

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