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Safety & Protection

American businesses spend $62 billion a year on workplace accidents and work-related injuries. You can do your part to reduce accidents and injuries by simply taking precautionary measures such as wearing the proper safety gear and protective clothing. ESL Supply as a full range of safety and protection equipment including first aid kits, dust masks and particulate respirators, high visibility construction vests, earplugs and protective ear muffs, hard hats and helmets, cut resistant gloves, safety glasses, and polarized sunglasses. We also stock safety equipment for job sites and electrical projects such as lockout stations, wall switch lockouts and circuit breaker lockouts, caution tape, and other such cautionary measures to prevent bodily harm, injury, or property damage from electrical accidents. Whether you’re on the job at a site or working on a project at home, safety is paramount when performing any task. Protect your well-being and avoid workplace injuries and accidents at work by equipping yourself with safety and protection equipment from ESL Supply.

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