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Radios & Communication

Radios & Communication

If you should ever find yourself trapped in a hostile situation, whether it is natural or accidental, the ability to communicate and send emergency requests for assistance can help your odds of being rescued from danger. Beacon lights, signal fires, and messages left on large patches of open environment are very useful in grabbing the attention of a passerby. However, they’re nowhere nearly as effective as being able to directly communicate your situation through voice. Radio communication can help broadcast distress calls as well as keep you informed of possible oncoming hazards. Reliable and easy to use, it’s the preferred method of contact for truckers, dispatchers, and emergency service personnel. sells an assortment of small, compact CB radio receiver and transmitter units to help keep you connected to civilization while in the isolation of the woods, in nature, or away from modern conveniences. We have compact weather and soundtracker units, handheld CB walkie-talkies, waterproof and environment resistant outdoors handheld radios, VHF radios, and portable radio communication devices to help you find assistance in extreme situations.

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