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A multi-tool is your all-in-one toolbox. Fits neatly and snugly in your pocket, the multi-tool is comprised of pliers, screwdrivers, knife blades, cutting saws, shears, and other useful widgets. Working on the same principles as the traditional Swiss army knife, carry a multi-tool on you at all times and you’ll be surprised at how many everyday grievances can be alleviated, from tightening that annoying loose bolt to cutting a bothersome stray thread. In a survival situation, having a multi-tool on your person can be a critical advantage. The tools that come assembled with a multi-tool can aid in building temporary shelter, hunting, fishing, and if necessary, self defense. Because of their versatility, multi-tools are now preferred over basic pocket knives and a necessity for outdoor sporting enthusiasts, adventurers, as well as police and emergency personnel. Multi-tools are available in a vast array of compact sizes--from pocket-sized to keyring sets, and some even are designed for specific use such as wine bottle openers, can openers, portable cutlery sets, nail clippers, blade sharpeners, field dressing kits, and trade tools for electricians and other skilled tradespeople.

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