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One of the most important tools to have in your emergency kit is a flashlight. Whether it’s for home, the car, or for enjoying the outdoors, something as simple as having a fully-charged, ready-to-use flashlight can make a difference. In emergency situations or just for being able to see in low-light environments, our selection of LED handheld flashlights are brighter and require less power than conventional incandescent bulbs. That means you get more power out of your batteries, plus you don’t have to contend with fragile filaments that can suffer damage through even the slightest jarring or vibration. Rugged, waterproof, and damage resistant handheld LED flashlights have been tested to weather the most violent of usage. They’re the preferred choice of many mechanics, carpenters, technicians, police and military personnel, hunters and outdoor sports enthusiasts, and anyone who requires on-demand high intensity lighting that’s portable, durable, and reliable. We’ve tested many LED lighting products and have sorted through the best of the best in order to serve our customers. We offer LED lighting solutions for home, the outdoors, portable lights, ambient accent lights, and more from the leading names in LED technology such as Bayco, NEBO tools, Pelican, PowerTac, RAYOVAC, among others. Browse our immense selection and choose from an expansive array of LED hand held flashlights, tactical flashlights, LED torches, and small portable LED lights at

At ESL Supply, we specialize in outdoor equipment and survival gear for the most avid of nature enthusiasts as well as the casual hobbyist. Our dedicated survival gear collection includes basic outdoor essentials all the way to advanced supplies. In the face of nature’s wrath, stay safe and stay prepared with’s assortment of survival supplies.