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LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs

Wall pack lighting is the most widely-used outdoor lighting solution for commercial buildings, warehouses, apartment complexes, and retail store locations. Exterior building lights are commonly mounted on the outside facing walls and provide illumination for areas in which vehicles and/or pedestrians travel. Wall packs also are used for nighttime security by property owners as a theft or trespassing deterrent. These high-mounted lights are a common sight along walls and are evenly spaced apart so that lighting is spread evenly. Older wall pack units used to feature HID (high intensity discharge) lights that implemented either xenon, argon, or tungsten. HID lights offer a wide variety of color range and temperatures with brilliant intensity, but the ballasts take time to fully warm up and over time, the light color can change as the bulbs begin to age. Sodium vapor lights give off a warm yellow light, but the light intensity is very low due to the compromise for high energy efficiency. Incandescent bulbs are the traditional way for lights, but are not very energy efficient and they don’t offer the same extended lifespan as alternative light sources. LED lighting technology is the perfect blend of efficiency and high intensity for lighting. Industrial LED wall packs outperform conventional lights in all aspects. They are cost-efficient, require little or no maintenance, and do not impact energy usage in the same fashion as incandescents or HID. With new LED wall packs from Atlas Lighting Products, eliminate the time needed for the HID ballast to warm up with instantaneous LED lighting that is energy-efficient and always on-demand.

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