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LED Undercabinet Lighting

LED under cabinet lighting is a novel and innovative way to add splashes of color and ambient light to your home interior’s surroundings. Interior ambient lighting is the latest trend in interior design that not only improves upon your interior decor, but also does it in an energy-efficient, environmentally-conscious manner. A light that’s situated underneath a hanging cabinet is a creative way to add more localized illumination without having to add a bulky, complicated additional fixture or make modifications to your pre-existing setup. Under cabinet lighting fixtures are space-saving, compact lighting solutions for the kitchen area, your home office, your bedroom, or anywhere in the house that could use some extra lighting. For the kitchen, they’re an ideal way to highlight a specific area without drilling into your wall and mounting another large fixture. The soft glow given off by LED accent lights is pleasant to the eyes and not harsh like a large overhead unit or dedicated fixture. Also, a smaller light such as an undercabinet fixture can illuminate only a small area as needed, thus saving energy and lowering your energy costs by not having to turn on the rest of your room lights. ESL Supply sells dimmable, color temperature switchable LED under counter fixtures and the necessary connectors, daisy chains, linkages, wiring cables, and accessories needed to transform your living space into a luxurious, sophisticated den that’s worthy of the front cover on the latest interior design magazine.

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