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LED Linear

Fluorescent lights give off a bright, pure white or bluish-white color and have been the indoor lighting standard for many years in schools, offices, retail stores, and commercial buildings. They’ve also seen great utilization as decorative and accent lighting but for home use, fluorescents have usually played second fiddle to incandescents. However, as society becomes more earth-conscious and as people make better efforts towards energy efficiency, incandescent bulbs were being replaced by compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) that could plug in to ordinary bulb sockets. Even fixtures for fluorescent tube lighting, which also served purpose in industrial use, began appearing in homes. Fluorescent lamps used less energy, had longer lifespans, and did not give off the levels of radiant heat like an incandescent bulb which made them an attractive alternative. However, consumers took notice of the hazardous mercury vapor used in the construction of fluorescent bulbs and began to seek for a safer solution and that safer solution is LED technology. The versatility and reliability of LED lights have made them the the preferred choice for many lighting situations. Suspended LED lighting with LED linear lights have a modern contemporary look and presence that adds style and sophistication to an interior setting. We at Energy Saving Lighting & Supply sell LED linear tube lights in an impressive array of color temperatures and wattages to replace fluorescent lights.

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