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LED Lamps


LED Lamps

The traditional incandescent filament light bulb was to the home interior lighting standard since 1879.  However, things have changed since Thomas Edison’s days.  As time went on and as homeowners became more earth-conscious and energy efficient, technology allowed for alternatives to the wasteful incandescent bulb.  Halogen and HID lights were brighter, but burned even hotter and were potentially dangerous in the wrong application.  More recently, CFL fluorescent light bulbs that could plug into standard light sockets found their ways into many houses and while they offered long life and a broad variety of light color temperatures, the process in which they are manufactured (as well as disposed, once their service life has expired) was not entirely environmentally safe.  Enter the LED lamp.  The electroluminescent LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, was invented in 1907, but did not see widespread commercial use until the 1960s and 1970s.  The earliest electronic displays were illuminated by LEDs, including calculators and the first digital wristwatches.  Today, LED technology has advanced to the point where they’re being incorporated into television screens, automotive lighting, and home and industrial lighting use.  Their broad color temperature and spectrum of various available hues give LEDs a clear advantage and unrivaled versatility for your indoor lighting needs.

At Energy Saving Lighting & Supply, we’ve tested many LED lighting products and have sorted through the best of the best in order to serve our customers.  We offer LED lighting solutions for home, the outdoors, portable lights, ambient accent lights, and more from the leading names in LED technology such as General Electric, American Lighting, Irwin Tools, Bulbrite, Ideal Industries, Eiko, among others.  Browse our immense selection and choose from LED A-Style, LED HID retrofit, linear, reflectors, outdoor lighting, and more at