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LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

If you’ve ever gone to a sporting event or stadium at night, or attended a concert, you’re familiar with flood lights. Flood lights are outdoor lighting fixtures with broad beams and high-intensity light. Typically, floodlights use metal-halide lamps or sodium-vapor lamps but nowadays, LED lighting technology is seeing more common use. LED flood lights for home use are popular outdoor lighting solutions for home security and protection against break-in and theft. ESL Supply has a broad selection of outdoor light fixtures for home. Our LED flood light fixtures by Atlas Lighting Products are perfect for home and residential areas. Atlas’s LED flood lights are available in 126 watt, 162 watt and 190 watt for exterior building lighting and lower wattages such as 27 watt, 43 watt, and 84 watt for spot area lighting or sign lighting for businesses and commercial buildings. LED flood light housings are built to be tough, durable, and to withstand the weather and elements with no necessary maintenance. Also available are LED flood light fixtures for industrial and commercial applications. Energy-efficient LED floodlights provide cooler operating temperatures, brighter light, and longer life than their incandescent, HID, or fluorescent counterparts.

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