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LED Decorative

Decorative LED light bulbs combine antique, vintage looks with modern technological sense. Soft, warm lighting mimics the glow of traditional radio tubes or the assortment of dancing flames on a candelabra. Decorative LED bulbs come in a vast variety of styles and colors; Edison bulbs are designed to replicate Thomas Edison’s original design and globe bulbs work wonderfully in lighted mirrors, especially in a Broadway or Hollywood-style vanity. LED Victorian bulbs are perfect for mood lighting and ambient lighting and give off a romantic glow for antique fixtures, vintage furniture, and retro style lanterns. We at Energy Saving Lighting & Supply offer a variety of LED decorative lights for home from A and S-style lamps to tinted glass envelope flame bulbs, radio tube and Edison bulbs. Add a touch of nostalgic, retro ambiance without sacrificing the modern durability and energy efficiency by switching out your incandescent bulbs for LED decorative bulbs. We offer LED lighting solutions for home, the outdoors, portable lights, ambient accent lights, and more from the leading names in LED technology such as Bulbrite, Eiko, Kobi Electric, Philips, among others.

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