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LED A-Style

LED A-Style

The A-Style lightbulb is the most basic and generic design used in most household lamps and interior lighting.  The name, “A-Style” means “Arbitrary” and the following number refers to the width of the glass bulb envelope in eighths of an inch (IE: A19, A15, etc.).  At Energy Saving Lighting & Supply, we sell A-Style LED light bulbs in a variety of color temperatures ranging from 2700K warm to 5000K simulated daylight.  Plus, like traditional incandescent bulbs, our A-Style LED light bulbs are also available in a variety of watts and in dimmable or non-dimmable variants.  So long as you choose the correct wattage for your application, these LED bulbs are direct-fit replacements that are compatible with ordinary bulb sockets; no need for additional wiring or modifications.

Browse our selection of A-Style LED light bulbs from American Lighting, Kobi Electric, Philips, SATCO, and other leading brands at