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LED Lanterns

Lanterns provide long-lasting, albeit soft light for dark areas. Candle or gas-fed lanterns are some of the oldest forms of lighting and while many still enjoy the warm, soothing glow they create, these types of lanterns carry a potential fire hazard if left unsupervised. LED-powered lanterns eliminate the threat of spreading an accidental fire, while creating brighter and more efficient light without the flickering of a flame. Whether for emergency use or for entertaining, our LED lanterns are far superior to the traditional flame light. There even exists solar-powered lanterns that store and harness the sun’s energy, making battery consumption a non-issue. Subtle, decorative lanterns add accent lighting around the home and yard area at night while our dedicated outdoor lanterns are a valuable safety and security tool. The outdoor lanterns have been designed to withstand wet weather and extreme temperatures, as well as endure repeated drops and falls that may happen due to the rugged environment.

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