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Hunting Gear

Hunting Gear

A long time ago, before modern convenience eliminated the need for humans to remain in touch with their natural self-preservation instincts, hunting was a means for survival. Today, it is a favorite pastime for many but in this section, we’re not talking about high-tech gadgets and computerized gimmicks that have perverted this basic survival skill into a recreational sport. No, this is geared for the minimalist or for those who may suddenly find themselves face-to-face with the dangers of being cut off from the rest of society. Starvation, animal attacks, the despair of isolation. helps outdoor enthusiasts prepare themselves and stay prepared for the worst possible scenarios in nature. In this section, we focus on hunting gear and accessories for the survivalist and outdoor adventurer who believes in the circle of natural order. This is not a game. This is not sport. This is pure survival. Here, we offer the essentials for hunting game food such as rabbits, ducks, quails, deer, and other prey animals as to ensure survival in an emergency situation. Archery accessories such as bows, cross bows, slingshots, arrow tips and arrow heads. Small, portable accessories for firearms such as scopes, lights, flashlights, and lasers that are easy to carry and compact as to not add any unnecessary weight. Remember: one of the most important rules in survival is not to use in excess. These hunting supplies are intended to provide assistance in dire situations. Conservation is key.

At ESL Supply, we specialize in outdoor equipment and survival gear for the most avid of nature enthusiasts as well as the casual hobbyist. Our dedicated survival gear collection includes basic outdoor essentials all the way to advanced supplies. In the face of nature’s wrath, stay safe and stay prepared with’s assortment of survival supplies.