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Gun Mounted

Police, SWAT, and military personnel face combat situations in all different types of environments from open daylight or brightly lit building interiors to dark nighttime surroundings or pitch black indoor settings like abandoned buildings, basements, or vaults. As most firearms do not include supplemental LED flashlights, manufacturers have designed small, powerful, and portable LED tactical flashlights to be mounted onto firearms. LED gun lights can be fitted to pistols, handguns, rifles, shotguns, and semi-automatic weapons. Gun mounted LED tactical flashlights offer superior lighting performance, plus many include additional features such as targeting laser sights, adjustable light modes, red and green color filtration, strobe beacons, and infrared. At Energy Saving Lighting & Supply, we sell the best tactical flashlights, pistol flashlights, military flashlights, and gun mountable flashlights to help our country’s police and military forces.

We’ve tested many LED lighting products and have sorted through the best of the best in order to serve our customers. We offer a broad range of LED tactical gun mountable flashlights for firearms by the biggest names in the business such as NEBO Tools, PowerTac, Surefire, and Streamlight. Browse our immense selection and choose from an expansive array of single pole circuit breakers, electric panels, and other indoor electrical accessories at